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Florida Homeowners for Fair Treatment, Inc. is a not-for-profit Florida corporation, established in August 2008. Based in Tierra Verde, our constituency includes homeowners throughout the State of Florida who are concerned about the Florida DEP's inequitable fee structures and their plans to increase fees for leases of submerged lands. Our primary mission is to work with our legislators and other elected officials and to enlist their support in freezing, reducing and eliminating lease fees on non-commercial uses of submerged lands, especially for multi-family residences. The organization solicits contributions from property owners and condominium management companies in order to recover the minimal cost of our operations. Our costs include operation of this website and the fees to maintain a lobbyist in Tallahassee to represent our interests while the legislature is in session.

The corporation's officers have no political or pecuniary interest in this subject other than as it affects them and their fellow Floridians.

During the 2012 Legislative Session, Florida Homeowners for Fair Treatment was successful in getting legislation passed (HB13/SB88), signed by Governor Scott on May 4, 2012, that became law on July 1, 2012. This new law accomplishes the following:

1. Reduction in annual lease fees for private multi-family residences

2. Extension of lease term from 5 years to 10 years

3. Exemption from the 6% transfer fee for multi-family homesteaded residences

We are continuing to press for equality on the submerged land lease fees so that private multi-family residences can enjoy the same full exemptions as private single family residences.

How to contact us:
For more information please contact:

Kevin M. Hussey
Coalition Leader / President
Florida Homeowners for Fair Treatment, Inc.
1110 Pinellas Bayway, Suite 100
Tierra Verde, FL 33715

727.460.7505 (Mobile)
727.867.5766 (Office)


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